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Sl. No Date Memo No Subject Document
1 2017-02-14 393-IB Guideline for waterway vetting of Irrigation & Waterways Department View
2 2017-02-08 386-IB No objection towards acceptance @ 5.66% above SoR offered by the bidder in connection with the work bearing ID No. IW/CSP-168/2015-16 out of Core State Plan View
3 2017-02-06 382(8)-IB Implementation of the Unified Schedule of Rates (USoR) in all offices of I & W Dte. w.e.f 1st March,2017 View
4 2017-01-31 373-IB ROD of the meeting of DSC held on 17.01.2017 View
5 2017-01-24 470-IFS(W),471-IFS(W) & 472-IFS(W) Non-Plan Allocation View
6 2017-01-20 200-IE Implementation of Statement of Promotion Policy in respect of Engineering Services, Grant of First Higher Scale in the cadre of Assistant Engineers (Civil), I&W Directorate View
7 2017-01-11 18 (3) - I Routine Maintenance Guide for Dams View
8 2017-01-04 54-IE Change of treasury of E.E & T.A, North East Irrigation Circle -I & E.E. North Bengal Design Division View
9 2016-12-26 329(8)-IB Time schedule of Central Design Office regarding design disposal View
10 2016-12-14 314(4)- IB list of 15 schemes cleared in the Departmental Screening Committee meetings held during 2016-17 later excluded from consideration of accordance of Administrative Approval under Core Plan View
11 2016-12-13 309-IB Records of discussion of departmental screening committee held on 07.12.2016 View
12 2016-12-07 304-IB Guidelines for ascertaining similarity nature of works as eligibilty criteria in connection with e-tenders for civil works above value Rs. 45.00 Lakh. View
13 2016-12-01 296-IB Records of discussion of departmental review meeting held on 18.11.2016 View
14 2016-11-29 286-IB Renewal of DSC in terms FD's Memorandum No.6138-F(Y) dated 28.11.2016 View
15 2016-11-23 281-IB Records of discussion of the meeting of "Departmental Screening Committee" held on 18.11.2016 View
16 2016-11-09 30 - (W) / 2016-17 Engagement of 8 Software Support Personnels at the State Level Help Desks of e- Procurement View
17 2016-11-09 29- (W) Constitution of Technical Examination Teams View
18 2016-10-28 2792-IE Preparation for Final Gradation List of the Engineer Officers (Civil) of I & W Dte. View
19 2016-10-19 233(8)-IB Record of discussion of review meeting on 16.09.2016 View
20 2016-10-18 391 - I Formation of Enquiry Committee View