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Sl. No Date Memo No Subject Document
1 2023-06-07 1605-IE Registration of all Industrial Chambers/ Associations/ Industrial Units/ Entities/Demand Aggregators on Utkarsh Bangla Portal View
2 2023-06-07 1319-IE An introduction of online sub module for handling employment prayers on compassionate grounds in the HRMS of WBIFMS View
3 2023-06-06 101-IB Revised procedure for flow of funds under Centrally Sponsored Scheme regarding deduction of Security Deposits from the contractors payment and its retention View
4 2023-06-06 1315-IE De resignation and scrapping of the vehicles directly owned by the Government of West Bengal and which are older than 15 years View
5 2023-06-01 1539-IE Nomination of SPOC for Utkarsha Bangla Scheme of Government of West Bengal View
6 2023-06-01 1540-IE Nomination of Nodal Officer for Utkarsha Bangla Scheme of Government of West Bengal View
7 2023-06-01 1527-IW Higher Scale of pay of Shri Soumendu Chattopadhyay, Executive Engineer(Civil) View
8 2023-06-01 1258-IW Confirmation of Shri Krishnendu Jana, Assistant Engineer(Civil) View
9 2023-05-31 1480-IW Order related to Shri Santanu Mandal,LDC View
10 2023-05-31 1479-IW Accord Approval for payment of Lt. Shibayan Chandra Barui, Ex-Khalasi View
11 2023-05-29 1498-IE Modification in the Guidelines for issuance of certificate and strengthening of reservation system for Economically Weaker Section View
12 2023-05-29 1467-IW Corrigendum of Order No-1398-IE dt:23.05.2023 View
13 2023-05-26 186-IE Vigilance Clearance Certificate in respect of Sri Gopal Chandra Sadhu, SE View
14 2023-05-25 68-IB ROD of the meeting of the Departmental Screening Committee held at Jalasampad Bhawan,Saltake on 22nd May,2023 1.00 pm View
15 2023-05-23 177-IE Vigilance Clearance Certificate in respect of Sri Ananda Mohon De, Junior Engineer(Civil) View
16 2023-05-23 178-IE Vigilance Clearance Certificate in respect of Sri Sujit Kumar Biswas, Assistant Engineer(Civil) View
17 2023-05-23 1398-IW Higher Scale of pay of Shri Samar Kumar Sarkar, Superintending Engineer(Civil) View
18 2023-05-22 147-IFC Order for shifing of CFCR View
19 2023-05-22 04(W) Convey the approval of Department for setting up an Expert Committee View
20 2023-05-22 1394-IW NOC to accord permission in favor of 6 nos. of employees(Civil) View