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Sl. No Date Memo No Subject Document
1 2023-07-27 2002-IW Higher Scale of pay in favor of Shri Susanta Baidya , Assistant Engineer(Civil) View
2 2023-07-26 1997-IW Higher Scale of pay in favor of Shri Bireswar Ghosh, EE(Civil) View
3 2023-07-26 211-IB Approval for engagement of private security agencies to protect Govt properties View
4 2023-07-26 1998-IW Higher Scale of pay in favor of Shri Manideep Das, Assistant Engineer(Civil) View
5 2023-07-24 366-IE Vigilance Clearance Certificate in respect of Sri Tarun Kumar Ballav, EE View
6 2023-07-24 207-IB Khariff and Rabi Boro allocation during the current financial year 2023-2024 out of State Developement Scheme Maintenance Budget over and above pre-monsoon allocation of 2023-24 View
7 2023-07-21 1995-IE 3rd Higher Scale of pay in favor of Sri Pronay Kumar Prosad, Junior Engineer View
8 2023-07-21 1996-IE Appointment of Sri Gokul Chandra Das to the post of FA and CAO, Sundarban Embankment Reconstruction Project View
9 2023-07-20 1989-IW Higher scale of pay in fabour of Md. Alahamdu Mondal, Executive Engineer (Civil) View
10 2023-07-19 1988-IW Providing details of the Engineers Officers of the I&WD; for preparing of Data Base View
11 2023-07-17 191-IB Additional Allocation out of Maintenance Budget under State Development Schemes during F.Y. 2023-24 over and above Pre-monsoon Allocation of 2023-24 View
13 2023-07-12 348-IE Vigilance Clearance Certificate in respect of Sri Bidyut Kumar Manna(Civil), Assistant Engineer, I and W Dte, West Bengal View
14 2023-07-12 1879-IW Higher Scale of pay in favor of Shri Paresh Sarkar, Assistant Engineers (Civil) View
15 2023-07-11 1874-IW 3rd Higher Scale of pay in favor of Sri Sankar Prasad Ghosh, Junior Engineers (Civil) View
16 2023-07-10 1872-IW Higher scale of pay in favor of Shri Nilratan Das,Assistant Engineer(Civil) View
17 2023-07-10 176-IB Records of Discussion of the meeting of the Departmental Screening Committee held at Jalasampad Bhavan, Salt Lake on 26th June at 2.00 pm View
18 2023-07-07 1781-IE Distribution of the copy of this Departments Notification no.-318-FPI&H/IE-42/2014 View
19 2023-07-07 1869-IW Confirmation of the service of Sri Rajib Ghosh, Junior Engineer(Electrical) View
20 2023-07-05 1881-IE Take over the Additional charge of Executive Engineer (Civil) View