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Sl. No Date Memo No Subject Document
1 2020-07-08 997-IE Extension of 1no. of Junior Engineer (Civil) View
2 2020-06-26 31-IB 2nd Additional Allocation for maintenance works out of SDS & AE Revenue Voted Budget of this Department View
3 2020-06-24 960-IE Higher Scale of pay of 1 no.of Executive Engineer(M & E) View
4 2020-06-18 145-IFC Meeting Notice of Hon'ble MIC on 22.06.2020 on Flood Preparedness'2020 View
5 2020-06-15 914-IE Higher scale of pay of Sri Barun Sen, J.E(Civil) View
6 2020-06-15 137-IFC ROD of review meeting taken by Hon'ble MIC held on 03.06.2020 View
7 2020-06-12 911-IE Roaster duty of I&WD; secretariate office View
8 2020-06-11 910 IE Higher scale of pay of Sri Ayan Manna, A.E (Civil) View
9 2020-06-11 907 IE Higher scale of pay of Smt, Dolan Aditya View
10 2020-06-11 905-IE Higher scale of pay of Sri Parimal Roy, J.E (Civil) View
11 2020-06-11 894-IE Higher scale of pay of Sri Satyajit Podder, J.E (Civil) View
12 2020-06-09 891-IE Guideline to attend office, I&W Dte. View
13 2020-06-09 8-IB Extension of contractual service of 8 no. SSP at e-procurement helpdesk View
14 2020-06-08 131-IFC Meeting Notice of Hon'ble MIC, I&WD; on flood preparedness under jurisdiction of CE(SW) and CE(W) View
15 2020-06-08 132-IFC Meeting Notice of Hon'ble MIC via Zoom App with IMD, CWC, DVC View
16 2020-06-04 07-IB 1st Additional allocation of maintenance for 2020-21 View
17 2020-06-02 227(6)-IFC Identification of river char lands prone to flooding during Monsoon period View
18 2020-06-01 225-IFC Meeting Notice of Hon'ble MIC View
19 2020-04-30 767/Secy/IWD Roaster Duty View
20 2020-04-24 766-IE Corrigendum in connection with Order no.-681-IE Dt. 12.03.2019 of Smt. Manisha Kundu, AE (M and E), Teesta Mechanical Division) View