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Sl. No Date Memo No Subject Document
1 2023-01-20 182-IE Mass petition signed by 112 villagers of Uttarbhag. P.S.- Baruipur. against Sri Subodh Ray and Sri Niranjan Ray in the matter-do- attached to the land under I&W Deptt View
2 2023-01-20 183-IW Confirmation of Shri Prasenjit Chaudhuri, Assistant Engineer(civil) View
3 2023-01-19 130-IW Higher Scale of pay in favor of Shri Mridul Chakraborty, Junior Engineer(Civil) View
4 2023-01-19 131-IW 2nd Higher Scale of pay in favor of Shri Swapan Mondal, Junior Engineer(Civil) View
5 2023-01-19 132-IW 3rd Higher Scale of pay in favor of Shri Snehendu Sekhar Basak, Junior Engineer(Civil) View
6 2023-01-19 137-IW Confirmation of Shri Susanta Baidya, Assistant Engineer (Civil) View
7 2023-01-19 139-IW Confirmation of Sri Avirup Das, Junior Engineer (Civil) View
8 2023-01-18 127-IW Higher Scale of pay in favor of Shri Sanjoy Sarkar, Junior Engineer(Civil) View
9 2023-01-17 20-IE Vigilance Clearance Certificate in respect of Sri Shyamal Chakraborty Superintending Engineer attached to Chief Engineer (D&R), Irrigation & Waterways Directorate, Government of West Bengal View
10 2023-01-17 28-IB Additional Allocation for five (05) nos. of proposals out of Maintenance Budget under State Development Schemes during 2022-23 View
11 2023-01-16 126-IE Partial modification of Order No.-2368-CIE dt:13.01.2017 View
12 2023-01-16 69-IE Complaint against Sh ri Sub rata Su r, S.D.0., Bana rhat Irrigation Subdivision, Jalpaiguri Irrigation Division under Chief Engineer, North-East, in the matter of Irregularities in tender process View
13 2023-01-16 70-IW Confirmation of Shri Chittaranjan Roy, Assistant Engineer(Civil) View
14 2023-01-13 66-IW Higher Scale of pay i favor of Shri Tapas Kumar Bhowmik, Executive Engineer(Civil) View
15 2023-01-13 67-IW Higher Scale of pay in favor of Shri Ujjwal Mandal , Assistant Engineer(Civil) View
16 2023-01-13 68-IW Higher Scale of pay in favor of Shri Sisir Kumar Ata ,Executive Engineer(Civil) View
17 2023-01-13 64-IE Unauthorized floating of Tender, bearing no. MDTC/SAND/002/502 dated 11/03/2022 by WBMDTCL -do- from Mayurakshi River at Suri View
18 2023-01-11 13-IE Mass Complaint by Dashu Mondal and 100 Others of Sahebmore, Mantutola & Srimantatola, Manikchak-do- for a length of 600m at Koshighat View
19 2023-01-11 17-IB Sanctioned of hired vehicle for Superintending Engineer, Damodar Irrigation Circle View
20 2023-01-10 56-IE Corrigendum for earlier Departmental Order no.-3689-IE Dt.-05.01.2023 View