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Sl. No Date Memo No Subject Document
1 2023-01-20 201-IE Appointment of Shri Goutam Kumar Dutta as Joint Secretary to the Government of West Bengal, Irrigation & Waterways Department View
2 2023-01-17 158-IE Place of posting of Shri Sudip Das and Shri koushik Santra, Assistant Engineer(Cvil) View
3 2023-01-16 2558 CRC NOTIFICATION OF ACRO View
4 2022-12-29 3766-IE Promotion of Shri Jibananda Acharya from Junior Engineer (Civil) to Assistant Engineer(Civil) View
5 2022-12-29 3768-IE Transfer the following Research Officer of the River Research Institute View
6 2022-12-29 3769-IE Promotion, the following Assistant Research Officer, Group- C (Statistics) , River Research Institute, View
7 2022-12-15 3562-IE Corrigendum of Notification No.-3562-IE DT:15.12.2022 View
8 2022-12-15 3643-IE Modification of Notification No.-3627-IE DT:13.12.2022 View
9 2022-12-15 3644-IE Modification of Notification No.-3426-IE DT:24.11.2022 View
10 2022-12-13 3557-IE Corrigendum of Notification No.-3547-IE DT:08.12.2022 View
11 2022-12-13 3627-IE Transfer and posting of 8 nos.of Executive Engineer(Civil) View
12 2022-12-13 3628-IE Transfer and posting of 3 nos. of Superintending Engineer(Civil) View
13 2022-12-13 3629-IE Provisional promotion to the post of Superintending Engineer(Civil) of 5 nos. of Executive Engineer(Civil) View
14 2022-12-12 3555 Transfer of Md. Alahamdu Mondal, Executive Engineer (Civil) View
15 2022-12-12 3556-IE Modification of Department earlier Notification no.2578-IE Dt.-25.08.2022 View
16 2022-12-08 3547-IE Transfer and Posting of 8 nos. of Revenue Officers View
17 2022-12-01 3514-IE Shri Sanjoy Kundu, Chief Engineer(West) has joined as Secretary to the Govt of West Bengal I and W Dept. View
18 2022-11-30 3493-IE Shri Sanjoy Kundu is hereby appointed as Secretary to the Govt of West Bengal, I and W Dept. w.e.f. 30.11.2022 as Shri Nayanjyoti Ghosh is going to retire on superannuation on 30.11.2022 View
19 2022-11-28 3443-IE Corrigendum of earlier Notification no.-3427-IE Dt.-24.11.2022 View
20 2022-11-25 3433-IE Corrigendum of earlier Notification no.-3427-IE Dt.-24.11.2022 View