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Sl. No Date Memo No Subject Document
1 2020-06-25 961-IE Corrigendum to this Department's earlier notification no. 82 dated 19.06.2020 View
2 2020-06-19 No.82 Promotion of 1 no. SE to the post of Chief Engineer North East View
3 2020-06-19 No.83 Promotion of 2 nos. of SE to the post of CE View
4 2020-06-19 no.84 Transfer and posting order of 1 no. of Chief Engineer View
5 2020-03-19 845(9)-IE Permission to leave office at 04:00 PM from 19th March,2020 to 31st March,2020 View
6 2020-03-19 861-IE Corrigendum on new place of posting for Sri Sailen Bag View
7 2020-03-16 No. 81 Continuation to this Department's earlier Notification No. 79 dated 16.03.2020 and No. 80 dated 11.03.2020 View
8 2020-03-16 815-IE Draft Gradation List of the Junior Engineer (Mechanical and Electrical) of IandWD View
9 2020-03-11 79 Promotion of Sri Rajatmay Dutta as Chief Engineer, SFDCL View
10 2020-03-11 80 Promotion of Sri Nayanjyoti Ghosh as Chief Engineer View
11 2020-03-06 718-IE Handing over of charge of the post Chief Engineer (M and E) to Sri Debasis Roy Chief Engineer (South) View
12 2020-03-03 no.77 Appointment of Sri Anish Ghosh as Chief Engineer (South West) View
13 2020-02-25 76 Sri Swapan Kumar Pandit, Ex-Executive Engineer of this Department has been appointed on re-employment as OSD & E.O Executive Engineer View
14 2020-02-24 424-IE Appoint of Sri Anish Ghosh in the post of O.S.D & Ex-Officio Chief Engineer South West View
15 2020-02-24 425-IE Appoint of Sri Swapan Kumar Palit in the post of O.S.D & Ex-Officio Executive Engineer Contai Irrigation Division View
16 2020-02-24 606-IE Corrigendum of Notification No:42 dt:31.05.2007 View
17 2020-02-10 434-IE Corrigendum of Notification No:73 Dt:24.01.2020 View
18 2020-02-06 368-IE Corrigendum of Notification No,-72 dt:24.01.2020 View
19 2020-02-06 369-IE Corrigendum of Notification No:74 dt:24.01.2020 View
20 2020-02-06 370-IE Corrigendum of Notification No:73 dt:24.01.2020 View