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Sl. No Date Memo No Subject Document
1 2024-01-25 239-IE The Governor is pleased to nominate Shri Abhijit Chaudhuri as a member of Draft gradation list of the Engineer Officers View
2 2024-01-02 26-IE The updated combined draft gradation list of the engineer officers of mechanical and electrical wing as stood on 31/12/2023 View
3 2023-12-28 3410-IW Promotion and appointment of Sri Debasish Mandal, Assistant Research Officer, Gr-C, RRI View
4 2023-12-26 3405-IE Corrigendum of Notification No 3403-IE dt:22.12.2023 View
5 2023-12-26 3461-IE Transfer and posting of 11nos. of Assistant Engineer(Civil) View
6 2023-12-26 3460-IE Transfer and posting of 2 nos. of Superintending Engineer(Civil) View
7 2023-12-22 3453-IE Promotion on provisional basis to the post of Superintending Engineer(Civil) in favor of Shri Amitava Ghosh View
8 2023-12-22 3403-IE Promotion of 4nos.of Junior Engineer (Civil)to the Post of Assistant Engineer(Civil) View
9 2023-12-18 3372-IE Transfer and posting of 5 nos. of Executive Engineer(Civil) View
10 2023-12-18 3369-IE Re constitution of the committee to update combined gradation list of the Engineer Officers(mechanical and Electrical) View
11 2023-12-18 3371-IE Transfer and posting of 17 nos. of Assistant Engineer(Civil) View
12 2023-12-14 3357-IE Transfer and Posting of 41nos.Junior Engineer(Civil) View
13 2023-12-11 3289-IE Shri Uttam Ray, CE-West to take over the charge of Smt Swati Chatterjee, CE-DP and Ex-Officio from 12.12.2023 to 22.12.2023 View
14 2023-12-06 406-IB MOU between I and W Dept and BSNL for providing 300nos. FTTH connection by BSNL to various offices under this Dept within the jurisdictions of WB Telcom Cicle and Calcutta Telephone Division View
15 2023-12-04 3201-IE Corrigendum of Notification No-3201-IE DT:04.12.2023 View
16 2023-11-30 3148-IW Corrigendum for Notification No-2971-IW Dt.-06.11.2023 View
17 2023-11-24 3117-IE The Governor is pleased to declare the service of 16 nos. of Superintending Engineers(Civil) borne in the cadre of West Bengal Engineering Service under I and W D View
18 2023-11-24 3041-IW Appointment of Smt Rama Dey (N.K.), Assistant Research Officer, RRI View
19 2023-11-23 3109-IE Promotion on provisional basis for 3(Three) nos. of Assistant Engineer (Civil) to the post of Executive Engineer (Civil) View
20 2023-11-09 3059-IE Transfer and Posting of 2 nos. of Assistant Engineer(Civil) View