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Sl. No Date Memo No Subject Document
1 2019-01-28 269-IE-3M-37/2018 Extension on reemployment of Shri Swapan Kumar Pandit, Executive Engineer View
2 2019-01-28 263-IE CORRIGENDUM OF NOTIFICATION NO 02 DT 22.01.2019 View
3 2019-01-22 02 TEe Governor is further pleased in the interest of public service, to post the following 2 (two) Superintending Engineers (Civil) under Irrigation & Waterways Directorate View
4 2019-01-22 03 The Governor is pleased, in the interest of public service, to post/transfer the following existing Superintending Engineers (Civil) of Irrigation & Waterways Directorate View
5 2019-01-22 04 In partial modification of this Department's earlier Notification No. 54 dated 26/09/18, the Governor is pleased to cancel the transfer of Sri Koushik Basak, Superintending Engineer View
6 2019-01-22 05 Transfer and posting order of Executive Engineers of I&W Dte. View
7 2019-01-16 01 The Governor is pleased to transfer Sri Buddhadev Singha, presently posted as Junior Enginee(Mechanical) in North Bengal Mechanical and Electrical Circle, I & W Dte. View
8 2019-01-08 10-W Invitation for participating in Bidders Conference at Jalasampad Bhawan on 15.01.2019 View
9 2019-01-04 43-IE CORRIGENDUM OF NOTIFICATION NO.56 DT:22.11.2018 View
10 2019-01-04 44-IE CORRIGENDUM OF NOTIFICATION NO.62 DT:19.12.2018 View
11 2018-12-21 3957 IE CORRIGENDUM OF NOTIFICATION NO-58 DT 22-11-2018 View
12 2018-12-20 3927-IE Posting and Transfer order of 4 nos. of A.E (Civil)/SDO View
13 2018-12-20 3938-IE Corrigendum to this Department's Notification No. 61 dated 11.12.2108 View
14 2018-12-19 64-IE Promotion and posting order of one no Chief Engineer of I&WD; View
15 2018-12-19 63-IE Promotion and posting of one no of Chief Engineer of I&WD; to SDB View
16 2018-12-19 594-IB Departmental Review Meeting rescheduled on 27.12.2018 View
17 2018-12-19 No. 62 Appointment and posting order of 4 nos. of Junior Engineer (Mechanical) View
18 2018-12-17 09-(W)/2018-19 Invitation for participating in Bidders' Conference at Jalasampad Bhavan on 15.01.2019 View
19 2018-12-14 3881 IE CORRIGENDUM OF NOTIFICATION NO-58 DT 22-11-2018 View
20 2018-12-11 No-60 Promotion and Posting order of 3 nos of Executive Engineer View