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Sl. No Date Memo No Subject Document
1 2023-10-06 458-IRC 3rd meeting has been convened to assess the role of Revenue Officer and Assistant Canal Revenue Officer View
2 2023-09-27 2715-IE Modification of Notification No-2231-IE dt:09.08.2023 View
3 2023-09-27 2717-IE Corrigendum of Notification No-2232-IE dt:09.08.2023 View
4 2023-09-27 2714-IE Partial Modification of Notification No-1015-IE dt:06.04.2023 View
5 2023-09-27 2716-IE Transfer and Posting of 2 nos. of Executive Engineer(Civil) View
6 2023-09-22 2647-IE New place of posting of 2 nos. of Assistant Engineer(Civil) View
7 2023-09-22 2648-IE Posting of Shri Jayanta Kumar Dinda , SE(Civil) and Shri Sunil Kumar , EE(Civil) View
8 2023-09-21 2643-IE New place of posting of 3 nos. of Executive Engineer(Civil) View
9 2023-09-14 2555-IE Partial Modification of department Notification No-2012-IE dt:09.07.2023 View
10 2023-09-13 2543-IE Appointment of 2nos of Junior Engineer(Civil) on promotion as Assistant Engineer(Civil) View
11 2023-09-12 2531-IE Appointment of Shri Sunil Kumar , Executive Engineer(Civil) on provisional basis to the post of Superintending Engineer(Civil) View
12 2023-09-12 2532-IE Appointment of 3 nos. of Assistant Engineers(Civil) on provisional basis as Executive Engineer(Civil) View
13 2023-09-12 2513-IW Continuation of Notification no-2193-IW dt:22.08.2023 View
14 2023-09-11 2406-IE Introduction of Online syatem of e-service Book management in respect of State Government employee View
15 2023-09-11 2501-IE Corrigendum of Notification No-2232-IE dt:09.08.2023 View
16 2023-09-05 2470-IE Corrigendum of Notification No-2231-IE Dt:09.08.2023 View
17 2023-09-05 2471-IE Corrigendum of Notification No-2258-IE Dt:25.08.2023 View
18 2023-08-25 2358-IE Transfer and Posting of 11 nos. of Assistant Engineers(Civil) View
19 2023-08-25 2359-IE Corrigendum of Notification no-2231-IE dt:09.08.2023 View
20 2023-08-22 2193-IW Re-assign the work of Revenue officer and Assistant Canal revenue officers, 3-member committee is hereby formed View