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Mayurakshi Reservoir Project

Mayurakshi Reservoir Project was taken up for execution in 1951. This Project has been completed in all respects in the year 1985. The irrigation potential created through completion of this project comes to 2,50,860 ha. in the districts of Birbhum, Murshidabad and Burdwan. Irrigation water is also supplied to the state of Jharkhand from this reservoir to an area of about 6,000 ha. This Project is adjudged to be one of the best performing irrigation projects in India. The project was planned originally for giving water to Kharif and Boro seasons. At present with favourable rainfall we provide irrigation to Boro crops for an area of 20,000 ha (approx.). The industrial requirement of Bakreshwar Thermal Power project is also now made from this project. Though there is no provision for flood control yet with advanced planning it was possible to reduce peak flood of year 2000 by 30%.

Salient Features

Massanjore Dam
Location Massanjore near Suri, District Birbhum on the river Mayurakshi
Type Boulder Masonry
Catchment Area 1859 sq. km.
Length 661.58 m
Height (Maximum) 47.25 m
Length of Over Flow Section 225.60 m
Number of Bays 21 (Width of Each Bay 9.144 m)
Full Reservoir Level 121.34 m
Dead Storage Level 106.40 m
Design Flood Level 122.56 m
Spillway Level 116.76 m
Design Discharge 4,446 cumecs
Total Storage (DS & LS) 61,700 Ha.m
Total Submerged Area 6,766 Ha (16,720 Acres)
Pick Up Barrage / Weir a) Tilpara
b) Dwarka
c) Brahmani
d) Bakreswar
e) Kopai
Tilpara Barrage
Location Near Suri, District Birbhum on the river Mayurakshi
Catchment Area 3,208 sq. km.
Width Between Abutments 308.84 m
Number of Weir Bays 7 (Width 18.29 m Each) + Under Sluices 8 (Width 18.29 m Each)
Linear Water Way 274.39 m
Optimum Pond Level 64.33 m
Design Upstream Water Level 64.63 m
Design Discharge 8,495 cumecs
Canal Discharge 99.11 cumecs
Length of Main Canal a) Left - 16.62 km
b) Right - 22.53 km
Irrigable Area a) Kharif - 2,26,629 Ha
b) Rabi - 20,250 Ha
Birbhum, Murshidabad & Burdwan
Maximum Irrigation Achieved a) Kharif - 2,20,730 Ha
b) Rabi - 8,150 Ha
c) Boro - 25,400 Ha
Bakreswar Weir
Location Kadisala, P.S. Dubarajpur, Birbhum on the river Bakreswar
Catchment Area 142.45 sq. km.
Width Between Abutments 91.44 m
Linear Water Way 86.87 m
Optimum Pond Level 61.56 m
Kopai Barrage
Location Kultore, P.S. Illambazar, District Birbhum on the river Kopai
Catchment Area 212.1 sq. km.
Width Between Abutments 63.25 m
Linear Water Way 54.86 m
Design Discharge of Barrage 849 cumecs
Optimum Pond Level 55.16 m
Dwarka Weir
Location Deocha, Md. Bazar, District Birbhum on the river Dwarka
Catchment Area 303.03 sq. km.
Width Between Abutments 83.82 m
Linear Water Way 73.15 m
Design Discharge 1132 cumecs
Optimum Pond Level 54.00 m
Brahmani Barrage
Location Baidana, District Birbhum on the river Brahmani
Catchment Area 688.94 sq. km.
Width Between Abutments 126.49 m
Linear Water Way 109.72 m
Optimum Pond Level 42.82 m
Design Discharge 1952.7 cumecs