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Guidelines for according NoC/SOP/Application for disposal of discharge by industries

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1.a) Organization Name* :
b) Office Address* :
c) Landline No* :
d) Mobile No * :
e) Email * :
2.a) Location Mouza * :
b) Block * :
c) Police Station * :
d) District * :
e) Scanned copy of mouza map/Google Earth map * Scanned copy of mouza map Google earth map
(Scanned copy of Map ( PNG, JPG ) )
f) Ltitude,Longitude * :
3.a) Name of the river / channel / canal * :
b) Approximate length (in metre) *
(From boundary of proposed unit to the river/channel/canal)
c) A4 size Index Map showing lay out of the proposed drain from the boundary of the proposed unit up to the river / channel/ canal to be uploaded in the upload documents section :
4.a)Ultimate total quantum of discharge to be disposed considering future expansion of the unit (in cumec), including any one or all of the following : Treated effluent and domestic sewage discharge
Run-off discharge within the premises of the unit
b) Total quantum of discharge to be disposed considering future expansion of the unit (in cumec) :
5) Whether NoC / clearance from WBPCB certifying the quantum of discharge has been obtained : Yes No
6)Existence of intake structures / outlet of field channels / offtake of branch canals for drawal of water within 500 metre in the upstream and 1000 metre in the down-stream of the proposed outfall point on rivers / channels / canals * : Yes No
*Enter Text as displayed in Image :
I / We undertake to bear the cost of outfall structure and appurtenant bank protection and/or embankment improvement works to be designed and constructed by the Irrigation & Waterways Department and sign Agreement with the concerned field level Officers of the Department on payment of such cost.
I / We also undertake the responsibility of construction of drain / conduit from the premises of the unit up to the outfall structure, as per suggestion / guidance of the Irrigation & Waterways Department, so as to make it befitting with the outfall structure.
    I undertake