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Sl. No Date Memo No Subject Document
1 2023-05-22 04(W) Convey the approval of Department for setting up an Expert Committee View
2 2023-05-22 1394-IW NOC to accord permission in favor of 6 nos. of employees(Civil) View
3 2023-05-19 1367-IW Confirmation of Shri Biswajit Pal, Assistant Engineer(Civil) View
4 2023-05-19 1365-IW Confirmation of Shri Milon Murmu, Assistant Engineer(Civil) View
5 2023-05-19 1364-IW Confirmation of Shri Subrata Sarkar, Assistant Engineer(Civil) View
6 2023-05-19 1362-IW Higher Scale of pay of Shri Sukanta Das, Executive Engineer(Civil) View
7 2023-05-19 1387-IW Exemption of Shri Debasis Mustafi , Assistant Engineer(Civil) View
8 2023-05-19 303-IRC Non Availability of Boulders from the quarry sites within forest area of Darjeeling & Jalpaiguri District View
9 2023-05-18 1192-IE RTI Application u/s 6(3) of the RTI Act,2005 of Minakshi Mukherjee dt:04.11.2022 View
10 2023-05-18 1359-IW Cancellation of order no-1010-IW dt:11.04.2023 in favor of Shibayan Chandra BaruiEx-Khalasi View
11 2023-05-17 1352-IW Higher Scale of Pay of Shri Subir Chakraborty, Assistant Engineer(Civil) View
12 2023-05-17 1353-IW Higher Scale of Pay of Shri Prabir Mandal, Junior Engineer(Civil) View
13 2023-05-17 1354-IW Higher Scale of Pay of Smt Urmii Pal, Executive Engineer(Civil) View
14 2023-05-17 1356-IW Confirmation of Shri Biplab Dey, Assistant Engineer(Civil) View
15 2023-05-17 1357-IW Higher Scale of Pay of Shri Pabitra Mondal, Assistant Engineer(Civil) View
16 2023-05-17 1355-IW Pay Scale of Shri Tarun Kumar Saha View
17 2023-05-16 1279-IW Higher Scale of Pay of Shri Dwijadas Mandal View
18 2023-05-16 166-IE Vigilance Clearance Certificate in rspect of Sri Binoy Kanta Das,Junior Engineer View
19 2023-05-15 1273-IW Confirmation of Shri Biplab Sarkar, Assistant Engineer(Civil) View
20 2023-05-11 35-IB ROD of the meeting of the Departmental Screening Committee held at Jalasampad Bhawan,Saltake on 19th April,2023 12.00 noon View