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1 2017-07-28 62-IE The undersigned is directed by order-do-Sri Joydev Das, Assistant Engineer (Civil) , I & W Dposted Assistant Engineer, Itamogra Irrigation Sub-Division under Contai Irrigation Division w. e. f. 03.11 View
2 2017-07-28 2027 -IE Corrigendum Order for granting of Selection grade pay to Superintending Engineers in the I&W Directorate View
3 2017-07-23 04-W transfer of jurisdiction of Ramgopalpur from Joynagar (I) Dvn. to Kakdwip (I) Dvn. View
4 2017-07-20 59-IE The undersigned-do-Order No.3015-F Dt.13.03.2001,Order No.10581-F Dt.28.12.2012-do- 25yrs Sri Pabitra Pal, Superintending Engineer (Civil)I & W D with effect from 24.01.2016. View
5 2017-07-20 09-W Additional Performance Security for works tenders in the Irrigation & Waterways Department View
6 2017-07-18 58-IE Consequent upon Notification No.20-IE Dt.29.03.2017, -do-Appointing & Disciplinary Authority Junior Engineer-do-I & W D, the question of determining authority-do- the Government for some time past. View
7 2017-07-17 53-IE Amendments of Engineer Services (Civil) View
8 2017-07-17 54-IE Amendments of Engineer Services (Mechanical & Electrical) View
9 2017-07-17 55 - IE CAS for Selection Grade of Superintending Engineers of I&W D after completion of 27 years of service View
10 2017-07-13 49 - W Shifting of Office of Lower Damodar Irrigation Division View
11 2017-07-11 1807-IE Name of EE in Sl-11 of Notification No. 44,30.06.2017 read as 'Shri Sudip Haldar' instead of 'Shri Sudip Halder',Sl-5 name of EE will be read as 'Smt. Achira Adhya' instead of 'Shri Achira Adhya. View
12 2017-07-10 47-IE Governor has been pleased to declare confirmed & to make permanent the service of Sri Dipak Rakshit, Assistant Engineer (Civil)-do-w. e. f. 26.06.2016 in terms of Rule 5(1) View
13 2017-07-07 No.46 Posting of EE to North Irrigation Circle-I View
14 2017-07-03 45 WBHS 2008 benefit extended to work charged employees of Irrigation & Waterways Directorate View
15 2017-06-30 No. 44 Promotion and posting order of 13 nos. of Executive Engineers from Assistant Engineers of I&W D View
16 2017-06-30 No. 43 Transfer and posting order of 3 nos. of Executive Engineers of I&W D View
17 2017-06-28 1669-IE Name of Assistant Engineer (Civil) in S1.No.6-do- Notification No. 36 dated 05.06.2017 will be'Sri Asok Kumar Sadhukhan' AE Investigation Planning & Evaluation (Central) Division, Berhampore View
18 2017-06-15 38-IE Governor has-do- Sri Subrata Mukherjee, Assistant Engineer (M&E) , Irrigation & Waterways Department-do-, as Assistant Engineer (M&E) View
19 2017-06-13 37-IE Governor is pleased to allow higher scale of pay-do- Rs.28000-52000/- do-of Rs. 7600/- p.m. -do-Executive Engineer (Civil) under Irrigation & Waterways Directorate View
20 2017-06-13 1542-IE The name of Assistant Engineer (Civil) in S1.No.8 of this Department's Notification No. 36 dated 05.06.2017 will be read as 'Sri Tarun Kumar Banerjee' instead of 'Sri Tarun Banerjee' View