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Sl. No Date Memo No Subject Document
1 2018-07-20 271-IB Modification of Standardized e-Notice Inviting Tender for all Procurement of Goods & Works above value Rs. 5.00 Lakh - guidelines of e-tendering : reg. View
2 2018-07-18 265(7)-IB Modified Phase-II allocation under State Development Schemes Voted Budget (formerly CSP) during 2018-19 View
3 2018-07-18 1854(2)-IE Handing over the charges of jurisdiction of Hooghly Irrigation Division under Western Circle - I to Lower Damodar Irrigation Division under Damodar Irrigation Circle. View
4 2018-07-17 262-IB Identification and monitoring of physically or financially incomplete schemes approved under Core State plan since 2015-16 View
5 2018-07-17 4247-F(Y) Guidelines of PCC under Finance Department for DPR costing more than Rs. 20.00 crore View
6 2018-07-16 261-IB Transfer of balance of PW Deposit Account View
7 2018-07-12 1656-IE Transfer of charges View
8 2018-07-10 1732-IE Filling up at sub-modules viz. "Sanction Strength" and "Self Appraisal cum Annual Confidential Report" of all Gr-A officers of Govt. of West Bengal in the HRMS View
9 2018-07-10 1644-IE The Governor has been pleased to allow the higher scale of pay in favor r Sri Shyarra Prased Ghosh, Junior Ergineer (Elec.)) View
10 2018-07-10 1645-IE The Governor has been pleased to allow the higher scale of pay in favor of Sri Bidyut Pau Junior Ergineer View
11 2018-07-10 1649-IE The Governor has been pleased to declare confirmed & to make permanent the service of Sri Tushar Kanti Chowdhury, JE (Civil), working under I& W Dte View
12 2018-07-09 1718-IE 3rd phase of Biometric Attendence System will be implemented in 46 offices at 35 locations. View
13 2018-07-04 231-IB Engagement of a consultant and setting up of a dedicated DPU in the I&WD; View
14 2018-07-04 1671-IE Corrigendum for The present place of posting in Sl. No. 1 in this Department's Notification No. 26 dated 02/04/2018 read -DO-DO- in respect of Sri Manash Chakraborty View
15 2018-07-02 1627-IE Circulation of memo(s) / order(s) related to Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Formation of a Committee to oversee its implementation in Irrigation & Waterways Department. View
16 2018-07-02 225(3)-IB Permission for inviting tenders in respect of 18 (eighteen) projects considered under RIDF-XXIV View
17 2018-07-02 1628(2)-IE Handing over the charges of the jurisdiction of Right Bank (I) Sub-Dvn under DIC and Hooghly (I) Dvn under WC-I View
18 2018-06-29 03-(W) Extension of Contractual Engagement of SSP at the procurement help desks View
19 2018-06-29 217-IB Transfer of balance of Misc deposit of 28 nos of DDOs View
20 2018-06-27 1573-IE Governor has been pleased to allow the higher scale of pay. View