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Sl. No Date Memo No Subject Document
1 2018-05-24 135-IB ROD of the review meeting, taken by Secretary 18.05.2018 at his chamber at Jalasampad Bhavan to monitor the process of implementation of e-governance and related projects View
2 2018-05-23 132(13)-IB ROD of the Departmental Review Meeting, taken by ACS on 10.05.2018, with the Investigation & Planning Wing and Advance Planning Cell View
3 2018-05-21 125-IB Order of balance transfer of PW deposit accounts of 3 nos of Division View
4 2018-05-17 113-IB ROD of meeting on 16th May 2018 with WAPCOS Limited and other departmental officials View
5 2018-05-15 105-IB ROD of the review meeting taken by ACS on 10.05.2018 to monitor the process of e-aution of unserviceable materials through MSTCL View
6 2018-05-15 103(8)-IB Submission of information regarding GPF Account of Group-D Employees View
7 2018-05-15 107-IB ROD of the review meeting on 08.05.2018 to monitor the progress of upkeep and cleaning of drainage channels in and around Kolkata View
8 2018-05-07 87-IB Post-facto approval towards invitation of Short Notice e-tender in connection with the work "Rehabilitation of Outfall Sluice at the Outfall of Goran Bose Khal View
9 2018-04-27 75(2)-IB Opening of 1 centralised zero balance savings bank accounts of the Govt of WB for transaction of GST components View
10 2018-04-27 160(7)-I Manual for Lining of Irrigation Canals in West Bengal View
11 2018-04-23 59(84)-IB Detail of inoperative Govt. owned motor vehicle under Irrigation & Waterways Directorate since F.Y. 2012-13 View
12 2018-04-23 62-IB Meeting Notice of TET on 27th April 2018 View
13 2018-04-23 57(7)-IB Identification and monitoring of big projects costing Rs. 5.00 Crore or more, approved in 2017-18 and 2018-19 (till date) View
14 2018-04-20 54(5)-IB Chief Engineer wise allocation of proposals under RIDF-XXIV View
15 2018-04-20 54(5)-IB Submision of DPRs of new projects for sanction by NABARD under RIDF-XXIV View
16 2018-04-20 52(7)-IB Identification and monitoring of physically or financially incomplete plan projects approved in 2016-17 or prior to 2016-17 View
17 2018-04-18 48-IB Report on the works taken up under Plan Maintenance and Non-Plan in 2017-18 (without hired vehicle expenditure) View
18 2018-04-18 47-IB ROD of Review Meeting taken by ACS on 11.04.2018 and 13.04 View
19 2018-04-17 41(5)-IB Submission of Reports in connection with Technical Examination of Plan Projects View
20 2018-04-13 934-ie He Governor is pleasedtDO-DO Errployees) Rules, 1980 reed with rrero. No. 1853-F(P) Dt.2.3.12 in favOl..rof Sri Tuhin Mohaia, JE, North Irrigation Circle-I, I & W DTE. View