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Sl. No Date Memo No Subject Document
1 2018-09-27 3363 The undersigned is directed by the order of the Governor to say that the Governor has been pleased to declare confirmed & to make permanent the service of Sri Koushik Das, Junior Engineer (Civil), View
2 2018-09-27 373-I Bridge Inspection and Monitoring Units of the Department View
3 2018-09-27 3360-IE To make permanent the service of Smt.Rupanwita Poira(Chatterjee) View
4 2018-09-26 05-W/2018-19 Sanction of mobilisation advance @ 10% of the tendered amount and depositing a portion of performance security View
5 2018-09-26 431-IB ROD of the Departmental Review Meeting, taken by the ACS on 10.09.2018 View
6 2018-09-24 424-IB RoD of the DSC meetings held on 05.09.2018 & 11.09.2018 View
7 2018-09-24 3410(2)-IE Handing over the charges of the jurisdiction of Right Bank Irrigation Division to Damodar Headworks Division and Damodar Canals Division under Damodar Irrigation Circle View
8 2018-09-20 3377(9)-IE Compulsory Registration under GST as Tax Deductor View
9 2018-09-19 3105-IE The Governer has been pleased to allow the higher scale of pay of Smt. Srayoshi Nath(JE) View
10 2018-09-19 3344-IE The Governer has been pleased to allow the higher scale of 3 nos of Junior Engineers View
11 2018-09-19 3106-IE Making permanent the service of Sri Supriya Ghosh,JE(M & E) View
12 2018-09-19 3107-IE Making permanent the service of Sri Supriya Mitra,JE(civil) View
13 2018-09-19 3345-IE To make permanent the service of Smt. Jhumur Sarker, Junior Engineer (Civil), working under Irrigation & Waterways Directorate. View
14 2018-09-19 3104-IE CORRIGENDU OF ORDER NO.1984-IE DT:07.08.2018 View
15 2018-09-17 405-IB Proposal of handing over of bridges/culverts constructed by Irrigation & Waterways Department View
16 2018-09-13 397-IB Approval of Finance Department for engagement of Consultant and setting up a dedicated DPU in the I&W Deptt View
17 2018-09-11 390-IB Revised order of hired vehicle View
18 2018-09-10 388-IB ROD of the DSC meeting held on 28.08.2018 View
19 2018-09-07 3100-IW Transfer of Govt. Vehicle View
20 2018-09-04 368-IB ROD of DSC meeting held on 24.08.2018 View