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Departments Notifications are given below :

Sl. No Date Memo No Subject Document
1 2017-05-23 04-W Transfer of RamGopalpur G.P I&W D jurisdiction to Kakdwip Irrigation Division View
2 2017-05-19 No.33-IE/4C-07/2015 Governor has been pleased –do-do- Scale of Rs.15600-42000/- with Grade Pay of Rs.6600/for completion of 6yrs satisfactory and –do-do- Sri Dipak Rakshit, Assistant Engineer (Civil) ,I & W D View
4 2017-05-18 03-W/2017-18 Suspension including Debarment of Bidders/Contractors/Agencies/Suppliers/ Consultants participating in tenders for forgery View
5 2017-05-16 02-W/2017-18 Debarring of Niyati Construction View
6 2017-05-08 169- IFC reconstituted SPMU of NHP View
7 2017-05-04 30 Withdrawal of services of Sri Shyamal Bhattacharya & Ashok Kumar Sadhukahan View
8 2017-04-20 No. 29 Notification on beautification by private parties View
9 2017-04-17 No.-28-IE/4C-02/2016 Work Order View
10 2017-04-04 857-IE Corrigendum to Notification No.22 dated 31.03.2017 of Transfer Order of EE View
11 2017-04-03 25 post/transfer the following existing Chief Engineers of Irrigation & Waterways Directorate View
12 2017-04-03 25 Transfer and posting order of 2 nos of Chief Engineers View
13 2017-03-31 22 Transfer and posting order of 2 nos of Executive Engineers View
14 2017-03-29 19 - IE Allowing higher scale of pay in favour of Sri Tarun Patra, A.E (M&E), I & W Deptt. View
15 2017-03-29 20-IE The procedures of other establishment matters of the Junior Engineers like transfer, postings, pay fixation etc will be notified in due course. View
16 2017-03-15 16 - IE Governor to allow higher pay scale to the Executive Engineer Sri Tarun Kumar Saha View
17 2017-03-15 15-IE Allowing higher scale of pay in favour of Sri Biswajit Deb, A.E View
18 2017-03-15 16-IE Allowing higher scale of pay in favour of Sri Tarun Kumar Saha, E.E View
19 2017-03-15 17 Post / Transfer of the Executive Engineers (Civil) View
20 2017-03-10 39-W Delegation of Financial Power for tenders and powers of DTC View