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Sl. No Date Memo No Subject Document
1 2018-07-05 566(10)C/E(T)/2T-5/12 TEMPORARY POSTING ORDER OF LDC View
2 2018-07-02 44 With a view to streamline the functioning and maintain uniformity in supervision of the Advance Planning, Project Evaluation and Monitoring Cell View
3 2018-06-29 41 PROMOTION ORDER OF EE TO SE View
4 2018-06-29 42 TRANSFER ORDER OF SE View
5 2018-06-29 43 TRANSFER OF SE View
6 2018-06-25 02-W Formation of a Technical Expert Committee in connection with Automation of Messanjore Dam View
7 2018-06-21 1548-IE Corrigendum to notification No.12-W/2017-18 View
8 2018-06-19 38 As per recommendation of Departmental Promotion Committee constituted vide this Deptt. Memo. No. 328-IE dated 02.02.2018, -DO-DO-, on promotion, as Executive Engineers (Civil) View
9 2018-06-19 39 The Governor is pleased, in the interest of public service, to post/transfer the following existing Executive Engineers (Civil) of I & W Dte. View
10 2018-06-19 40 In partial modification of this Department's earlier Notification No. 23 dated 21.03.2018 -DO-DO- under I & W Dte. View
11 2018-06-06 1385-IE CORRIGENDUM OF NOTIFICATION NO-33 DT:28.05.2018 View
12 2018-06-04 35 Sri Pabitra Pal,is hereby posted on deputation,as Special Engineer for Salt Lake Reclamation Development Circle under Urban Development & Municipal Affairs Department. View
13 2018-05-30 34 Post/transfer the following existing Junior Engineer (Civil) of Irrigation & Waterways Directorate View
14 2018-05-30 1318-IE-67/2017 Corrigendum of Notification no. 20-IE dated 19.03.2018 in Sl No. 144 View
15 2018-05-29 01-(W)/2018-19 Notification on transfer of Ex-Zamindary Embankment jurisdiction View
16 2018-05-28 33. Transfer and posting of 67 nos of Assistant Engineers of Irrigation & Waterways Directorate View
17 2018-04-23 53-IB Job distribution of the Technical officers in the Secretariat of I&W Department. View
18 2018-04-23 936-IE Governor has been pleased to re-designate the following Officials. View
19 2018-04-17 31-IE Governor has been pleased to allow-do-completion of 8 years-do-Junior Engineers-do-CoL2 with effect from the date as specified at CoL4 against each of them , until further order. View
20 2018-04-17 32-IE Governor has been-do- for corrpletion of 16 years-do-Sri Jbanarda Acharya, ,1.lIior Ergineer, Purulia Inve:i.igation & Plannirg Division View