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Administrative Approval are given below :

Sl. No Subject Date Documents
1 Administrative Approval of 1 no. Check Dam scheme in Bankura District under "Jalatirtha" 2016-09-02 View
2 Administrative Approval of 9 projects under RIDF-XXII 2016-08-18 View
3 Corrigendum to Administrative Approval Order No. 384(3) - IB Dated 23.02.2016 2016-08-18 View
4 Administrative Approval of RKVY Scheme - 1 No. 2016-08-09 View
5 Revised Administrative Approval for the project bearing ID: IW/CSP-219/2014-15 2016-07-04 View
6 Administrative Approval for the project of ID: IW/CSP-08/2016-17 under Core State Plan 2016-06-17 View
7 Administrative Approval of 07 (Seven) schemes of Bankura under Jalatirtha 2016-06-14 View
8 Administrative Approval for 7 (Seven) Scemes ID: IW/CSP- 01/2016-17 to IW/CSP-07/2016-17 under Core State Plan 2016-06-13 View
9 Revised Administrative Approval for the project bearing Scheme ID No. IW/CSP-111/2015-16 under Core State Plan 2016-06-03 View
10 Revised Administrative Approval for the project bearing scheme ID: IW/CSP-10/2015-16 under Core State Plan 2016-06-01 View
11 Administrative Approval of 64 (Sixty Four) schemes under State Convergence Action Plan of MGNREGA under State Plan 2016-03-03 View
12 MEMO NO.-398-IB - Additional work at downstream of Dauk Barrage in P.S Chopra, Uttar Dinajpur bearing ID No. IW/CSP-285/2015-16 under Core Plan. 2016-03-01 View
13 MEMO NO.-393-IB - Corridendum to G.O No. 367(6)-IB dated 10.02.2016 for RIDF-XXI 2016-02-26 View
14 MEMO NO.-394-IB - Modernisation of internal drainage system along with construction of PCC road at Domjur to be implemented by BDO, Domjur, Howrah bearing ID No. DM/CSP-269/2015-16 under Core Plan. 2016-02-26 View
15 Administrative Approval of 2 schemes bearing ID No. IW/CSP-283/2015-16 & IW/CSP-284/2015-16 under Core State Plan. 2016-02-25 View
16 Administrative Approval of scheme bearing ID No. IW/CSP-270/2015-16 under Core State Plan. 2016-02-25 View
17 Administrative Approval of scheme bearing ID: IW/CSP-04/2014-15 under Core State Plan 2016-02-25 View
18 Administrative Approval of 12 schemes bearing ID No. IW/CSP-271/2015-16 to IW/CSP-282/2015-16 under Core State Plan. 2016-02-23 View
19 Administrative Approval of 11 schemes bearing ID No. JAL-79/15-16 to JAL-89/15-16 under Jalatirtha. 2016-02-17 View
20 Administrative Approval of 35 schemes bearing ID No. IW/CSP-233/2015-16 to IW/CSP-267/2015-16 under Core State Plan. 2016-02-16 View