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Sl. No Date Memo No Subject Document
1 2017-04-20 22(5)-IB Submission of DPRs of new projects for sanction by NABARD under RIDF-XXII during 2017-18 View
2 2017-04-18 15-IB Permission to proceed with e-auction through web portal of MSTCL based on the report of DLTC View
3 2017-04-17 14-IB ROD of Departmental Screening Committee on 10.04.2017 View
4 2017-04-11 12-IB Permission to proceed with e-auction through web portal of MSTCL based on the report of DLTC View
5 2017-04-06 01-(W) Departmental Quotation-cum-Bid Evaluation Committee View
6 2017-04-06 128-I Modalities for according permission to construction of temporary bridges for plying of sand filled trucks over rivers, canals and channels View
7 2017-03-31 461(7)-IB normal Allocation (excluding previous year's spilled over amount) for pre & during monsoon period during 2017-18 View
8 2017-03-24 454-IB Quality Control Manual View
9 2017-03-21 706-IE Permission to aquire a residental flat in favour of Sri Sandip Roy, A.E (M&E) View
10 2017-03-17 440-IB ROD of Departmental Screening Committee on 06.03.2017 View
11 2017-03-14 429-IW e-auction through MSTCL View
12 2017-03-01 410-IB Submission of technicallysanctioned DPR of new projects for placing before the DSC within March'2017 for inclusion CSP budget for next financial year of 2017-18 View
13 2017-02-21 461(8)-IE Filling up post of EE in Farakka Barrage Project on deputation View
14 2017-02-21 404-IB Approval to utilise surplus cut-piece Z-type M.S Sheet piles within the jurisdiction of SE WCII View
15 2017-02-14 393-IB Guidelines and Data Requirement in connection with examination of Waterway of Bridges, Culverts etc. View
16 2017-02-14 393-IB Guideline for waterway vetting of Irrigation & Waterways Department View
17 2017-02-08 386-IB No objection towards acceptance @ 5.66% above SoR offered by the bidder in connection with the work bearing ID No. IW/CSP-168/2015-16 out of Core State Plan View
18 2017-02-06 382(8)-IB Implementation of the Unified Schedule of Rates (USoR) in all offices of I & W Dte. w.e.f 1st March,2017 View
19 2017-01-31 373-IB ROD of the meeting of DSC held on 17.01.2017 View
20 2017-01-24 470-IFS(W),471-IFS(W) & 472-IFS(W) Non-Plan Allocation View