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Orders are given below :

Sl. No Date Memo No Subject Document
1 2016-08-12 144-IB Online EMD payment through ICICI Bank Payment Getway View
2 2016-08-05 133(8)-IB Allocation under Core State Plan budget of 2016-17 View
3 2016-07-27 112-IB Opening of two nos of h/a for rental compensation of derequisitioned land View
4 2016-07-11 80(3)-IB Concurrence of Finance Department to bear liabilities of FMP under Core State Plan View
5 2016-07-11 81-IB Opening of 3 nos. of new h/a under Core State Plan View
6 2016-07-11 226(8)-I Clearance of I&W D on the proposal of regularization of Brick Field View
7 2016-07-04 72(6) - IB Proportionate recovery of VAT in case of Works Contract View
8 2016-05-30 13-(W)/2016-17 Formation of committee for standardisation of Unified Schedule of Rates for I & WD View
9 2016-05-18 26 - IB Opening of 3 nos of h/a for 13th FC under Major Head '4711' View
10 2016-04-18 ORDER NO.-1063 - IE DT.-18.04.2016 In partial modification of this Department Memo. No. 779-IE -do-do- Data Entry Operator at Sl.No. 11 of Annexure-I of the -do-do- as BIVASH NARAYAN BOSE in lien of BIBHAS NARAYAN BOSE. View
11 2016-04-07 No. 1984- F(Y} Acceptance of Bill by Treasuries without sufficient allotment upto 30/06/2016 for few catagories of Expenditure in 2016-17 View
12 2016-03-22 ORDER MEMO NO.-415 - IB, DT.-22.03.2016 The system of LOC for drawal of fund for works expenditure has been discontinued with effect from 01.04.2015. -do-do- prescribed in the Finance Department View
13 2015-11-30 06 - (W) / 2015-16 Internet Connection through data card or private ISP View
14 2015-09-08 190 (6) - IB Modalities for processing of technical sanction View
15 2014-11-11 277 - IFC Post-facto approval towards newly opened scheme head under Plan under existing Major, Sub-Major & minor Head, Subordinate to Demand No. 32 View
16 2014-11-07 273 - IB Approval for opening of 24 nos. new heads of ccount View
17 2014-01-22 12 (8) - JS (W) Guideline of Preparation of DPR for Administrative Approval under Core State Plan View