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Sl. No Date Memo No Subject Document
2 2017-10-17 381-IB DSC clearance for 23 schemes for inclusion under Core Plan Budget of 2017-18 View
3 2017-10-16 5646(6)-CIE CONFIRMATION OF ZILLADARS View
4 2017-10-13 373-IB Post-Facto Permission for inviting Off-line Short Notice Tender in connection with 3 (three) nos. of works in Hooghly and Purba Bardhaman View
5 2017-10-13 372(3)-IB Post-Facto Permission for inviting Online e-Short Notice Tender in connection with 25 (twenty five) nos. of works in Howrah, Dakshin Dinajpur & 24 Pgs (S) View
6 2017-10-12 2604-IE The Governor has been pleased to accord perrmssion in-do-80 read with No.1853- F(P) Dt.2.3.l2 in favour of Sri Nantu Sarkar, Assistant EngineerII,I & W D-do-Corporation. View
7 2017-10-12 368-IB Acceptance of single valid Bid in the re-tender for execution of 1 (one) no. of work under Mahananda Barrage Circle of Teesta Barrage Project, I&W Dte. View
8 2017-10-11 365-IB Opening of 2 nos. of new heads of account relating to World Bank assisted scheme of WBMIFMP View
9 2017-10-10 4315(7)-CIE 16 YEARS (FIXATION ) View
10 2017-10-10 5607(2)-CIE ABSORPTION OF SABITA SARKAR,LDC View
11 2017-10-09 354-IB DSC clearance for 16 schemes within the jurisdiction of CE (South) under Core State Plan budget during 2017-18 View
12 2017-10-09 353-IB DSC clearance for 34 schemes for inclusion under Core State Plan budget during 2017-18 View
13 2017-09-25 347-IB Formation of 4 Member Quotation-cum-Bid Evaluation Committee View
14 2017-09-20 339(4)-IB Allotment of Fund for procurement of Stationery & printing Articles during the F.Y 2017-18 in I&WD; offices in districts Howrah, Hooghly, Kolkata, North & South 24 Pgs View
15 2017-09-15 2481-IE The undersigned is DO-DO the time of entry and departure through Biometric Attendance System has been introduced in all the offices of I&W Dept./Dte. w.e.f 1st of Aug,2017. View
16 2017-09-13 4341(130)-CIE (promotion Head Clerk) Appointed on Promotion of Head Clerk View
17 2017-09-12 323(107)-IB Clarifications on GST related issues offered in the workshop held on 18.08.2017 View
18 2017-09-12 327(146)-IB Procedure for surrender of savings bank accounts of MGNREGS and JNNURM within 15.09.2017 View
19 2017-09-11 321-IB Format of weekly review meeting at Department View
20 2017-09-06 316-IB Post-facto approval for Inviting SNet in respect of districts of Howrah, Hooghly, Birbhum & Nadia View