Administrative Approval

Archive 2013-2014 | 2014-2015

Administrative Approval are given below :

Sl. No Subject Date Documents
1 MEMO NO-366-I, 35 (Thirty Five) schemes of check dam conslruction within Jalatirth under State Plan Budget of l&W Deptt. -do-do- 2015-16 2015-09-08 View
2 MEMO NO.- 173-IB - Video Conference System at Malda along with WBSWAN link with DVC Tower,Kolkata and IMD HQ at Alipur,Kolkata bearing ID No. IW/CSP-25/2015-16 under Core Plan 2015-08-17 View
3 MEMO NO-173-IB, The project Installation of video conferancing system in malda for I&W Deptt. and WBSWAN link with D.V.C tower -do-do- financial year 2015-16 2015-08-17 View
4 MEMO NO.- 153(2)-IB - 4 schemes bearing ID No. IW/CSP-21/2015-16 to IW/CSP-24/2015-16 under Core Plan. 2015-08-06 View
5 MEMO NO-153-IB, 4 (Four) schemes bearing scheme lD Nos. -do-do- financial year of 2015-16. 2015-08-06 View
6 MEMO NO.- 131(3)-IB - 6 schemes bearing ID No. IW/SP-12204,12209, 12216, 12222,12230,12234/2015-16 under State Share of OTACA. 2015-07-23 View
7 MEMO NO-131-IB, 6 (six) projccts bearing scheme ID nos. -do-do- 2015-07-23 View
8 MEMO NO.- 111-IB - 22 schemes bearing ID No. IW/SP-12210-12215/ 15-16, IW/SP-12217-12221/15-16, IW/SP-12223-12227/15-16, IW/SP-12235-12240 /15-16 under State Share of OTACA. 2015-07-02 View
9 MEMO NO-110-IB, B (Eigltt) scltetrcs beoring scheme ID Nos. lW/CSP-13/ 2015-16 to lW/CSP-20/2015-16 2015-07-02 View
10 MEMO NO-111-IB, 22 (Twenty two) schemes bearing scheme ID Nos -do-do- out of State Plan Budget Provision of this Department, subordinate to Demand No.32 during the current financial year of 2015-16 2015-07-02 View
11 MEMO NO.- 110(3)-IB - 8 schemes bearing ID No. IW/CSP-13 to 20/2015-16 under Core Plan. 2015-06-02 View
12 MEMO NO.- 55-IB - Revised Administrative Approval for preparation of DPR of Lower Damodar Region under Core Plan 2015-05-27 View
13 MEMO NO-55-IB, The work Preparation of Detaited Project Report to alleviate the flood water-logging and erosion problems in the dist. of Howrah and Hooghly in Lower Damodar Region 2015-05-27 View