Administrative Approval

Archive 2013-2014 | 2014-2015

Administrative Approval are given below :

Sl. No Subject Date Documents
1 Administrative Approval of 8 (eight) schemes bearing ID nos. SDS/Infra Gap/ MI-20/2018-19 to SDS/ Infra Gap/MI-27/2018-19 2018-10-12 View
2 Administrative Approval for one no of scheme under RIDF-XXIV 2018-10-12 View
3 Administrative Approval for Tamlanala bearing ID No. IW/CSP-323/2018-19 2018-10-12 View
4 Administrative Approval for 38 (thirty eight) projects bearing scheme ID No. IW/CSP-478/2018-19 to IW/CSP-505/2018-19 and ID No. IW/CSP-508/2018-19 to IW/CSP-517/2018-19 2018-10-11 View
5 Modification to this Department's Administrative Approval bearing ID : NREG-14/18-19 2018-10-09 View
6 Administrative Approval for 1 (one) scheme bearing Scheme ID IW/CSP-368/2018-19 during 2018-19 2018-10-05 View
7 Administrative Approval for 3 (three) projects bearing scheme ID IW/CSP-414/2018-19, IW/CSP-415/2018-19 and ID No. IW/CSP-439/2018-19 2018-10-05 View
8 Administrative Approval for 27 (twenty seven) projects bearing scheme ID IW/CSP-451/2018-19 to IW/CSP-477/2018-19 2018-09-28 View
9 Administrative Approval for 24 nos. projects sanctioned by NABARD in favour of I&WD; under RIDF-XXIV during 2018-19 2018-09-25 View
10 Administrative Approval for 42 projects bearing scheme ID No. IW/CSP-406/2018-19 to IW/CSP-413/2018-19, IW/CSP-416/2018-19 to IW/CSP-438/2018-19, and IW/CSP-440/2018-19 to IW/CSP-450/2018-19 2018-09-25 View
11 Administrative approval for 36(Thirty six) new project under Sate Development Scheme 2018-09-20 View
12 Administrative Approval of 1 (one) scheme bearing Scheme ID IW/SER/05/2018-19 during 2018-19 2018-09-19 View
13 Administrative Approval of 3 schemes bearing Scheme ID Nos. SDS/Infra Gap/MI-17/2018-19 to SDS/Infra Gap/MI-19/2018-19 during 2018-19 2018-09-18 View
14 Administrative Approval of 7 schemes bearing Scheme ID Nos. SDS/Infra Gap/MI-01/2018-19 to SDS/Infra Gap/MI-07/2018-19 during 2018-19 2018-09-18 View
15 Administrative approval of 9 nos. schemes bearing scheme id : SDS/Infra Gap/MI-08/2018-19 to SDS/Infra Gap/MI-16/2018-19 2018-09-17 View
16 Administrative approval of 12 nos. schemes bearing scheme id : NREG-17/18-19 to NREG-28/18-19 under State Development Schemes during 2018-19 2018-09-10 View
17 Administrative approval of 3 schemes under Core State Plan 2018-09-04 View
18 Administrative Approval of 6 nos. of schemes bearing scheme ID no. NREG-11/18-19 to NREG-16/18-19 under State Convergence Action Plan of MGNREGA 2018-08-28 View
19 Administrative approval to the project - "Dredging in river Muriganga in PSs Kadwip & Sagar, District: South 24 Parganas" 2018-08-27 View
20 Administrative Approval for the scheme bearing ID IW/SER-03/2018-19 2018-08-13 View